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School Partnerships

Ace Studios brings the dance style(s) of your choice to your school teaching courage,  character development, goal setting, connection, and self-awareness through movement. Our dance instructors are skilled educators in a variety of forms of dance including: creative movement hip hop, breakdance, and more.  A dance program/workshop is an excellent way to build confidence and physical skills. All dance programs/workshops can be customized to meet your school’s scheduling needs and interests.  

IN School After School Programs

Our programs uses dance as a tool for learning, where our dance instructors bring standards-based curriculum to life in high-energy classes for K to 8th grade students. Students experience creative and physical expression while our dance instructors teach rigorous dance technique that relates to the elements of dance. Ace Studios work with academic instructors to provide integration lessons where class academics are explored through dance: Imagine kindergarten students making the sounds and shapes of the alphabet with their bodies, or 4th graders choreographing a dance to show how food is digested, or 8th graders exploring social studies through the history of hip-hop dance in America. These innovative mixtures of mental and physical education give students an alternative to traditional schooling and create a new way to retain, and even enjoy, academic classroom lessons and themes. Each semester ends in a student performance showcasing the vocabulary, concepts and movements learned throughout the season. All programs are tailored to meet the needs of each school. We offer Workshops, In and After School programs. For more information about bringing Ace Studios to your school, please click HERE!


One-hour classes of high quality dance education 
Industry working dance instructors  
Background checks on every instructor
End-of-semester open houses or dance performances for each class •
Collaboration with other school activities and/or programs 
Dance education that connects with academic themes based off school 
Instruction that is accessible to multiple learning styles 
A participation grade for each student, upon school’s request •
Flexibility with regards to school site schedules •
and more

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