about us

Ace Studios LLC, is a faith based dance studio/entertainment company based in Marietta, GA. We have over 12 years of experience in the dance and entertainment industry. Some achievements include Music Videos, TV shows (American Soul, Americas Got Talent, Twitch's "Super Punch"), Awards shows, Teaching and Performing over seas, Stage shows,NBA and MLB Dance Teams, National Tours (EPIC Assemblies), Dance Conventions, and so much more! We provide the following services: Online classes, Mobile School Dance classes, private lessons, Monthly Classes, Wedding entertainment/lessons, Workshops, master classes, Artist development and so much more. No matter what the job needs , We Always. Create. in Excellence.

Dejah, Owner

Dejah has been dancing since the age of 5, with 10 years of teaching experience. She is skilled in hip hop, and is an avid practitioner of the popping and animation style. She has performed for Victor Manualle, The Premos Award Show, IFA freedom Mela Bollywood, and was featured in Che’Nellee’s music video. In 2015 Dejah spent 9 months on tour with Epic Assemblies. Since then she has relocated to the Atlanta area, performing at many corporate events, countless movie sets, and was featured on the hit shows “Star” and “Atlanta”. In 2020 , Dejah was featured in the recording artist, Wande, new Music Video “Happy”. Dejah’s philosophy is to inspire the next generation with a passion for this incredible art form we call dance. Her hope is that her students will always strive to take what they are taught to new levels, endlessly exploring the world of creativity.


David, Owner

David , Has over 10 years of experience in the dance industry. He's opened up for Boys 2 Men, performed at the Universal Circus,  Tampa Bay Rays, the IIFA awards, and more. In 2012 David broke his neck at gymnastics and the following year recovered enabling him to teach and perform in India. In 2015 he spent 9 months touring with Epic Assemblies, traveling and sharing his story through the arts. David currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, since then doing countless music video and industry work including (American Soul, Big Boi, Super Bowl LIII, and much more. He danced for  Atlanta Hawks (A Town Breakers) and is the  captain of the Atlanta Braves (ATL Breakers). His goal is to spread hope and inspiration through dance whatever way possible.